At Blue Orchid VA Services we love to reward our clients for their loyalty and with our retainer packages we do just that.  The retainer packages are charged on a monthly basis for ongoing monthly Administrative support.  The more hours you buy from us the lower the hourly rate.

However, we understand that not all our clients will want to be tied in to a monthly agreement so we can also offer you our Pay as You Go Package too.

When deciding which package to use, remember, you only need us for the time it takes to complete the tasks  required.  If you are unsure, don’t worry, we will discuss your requirements in full and together we will work out which package is the best one for you.

We use time-tracking software (which tracks time by the minute) to track the time used on your tasks.  You will receive a copy of your Time Tracking Report at either the end of month, or at the end of the project, depending which type of package you are on.  You will be able to see exactly how much time was spent on your tasks. 

Our retainer packages start with our Silver Package, at as little as just £249.97 a month for a minimum 10 hours a month. 

You can cancel any of our retainer packages at any time by giving us 1 months notice. 

Retainer Packages

Silver Package

This Package is used for those small jobs you need doing, where you might only need us for a few hours a month. You would use this if you use just a handful of our services each month.  This package is for 10 hours a month.

Gold Package

This package is for small to medium monthly tasks that are maybe a little bit more in depth and need more time spent on them or you might have a number of tasks that we deal with for you.  This package is for 20 hours a month.

Platinum Package

This package is for medium to large projects that will require a large amount of time to complete each month.  You might require a full Personal Assistant service taking on all of the services we offer.  This package if for 30 hours a month.


Any unused hours can be carried over for a period of 2 months.  

The above packages can be charged via invoice, and the payment methods we accept are Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card via a Paypal account, or we can set up a regular payment via Direct Debit. 

We continually check whether the package you are on is the correct one for you.  On a monthly basis, we will take a look at the account to check that the package you are on works for you.  If we find you are on the wrong one, we will  happily change you to a different package.

If you know your project will require over 30 hours a month, please either call us on 01934 316157 or complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

Pay as you go

You might only want to use one of our Virtual Assistants on an adhoc basis, this is where our Pay as You Go Package is perfect for you as you can book us out for either just a few hours or as many as you need, at a time when you need some extra administrative help. 

We accept payments by credit/debit cards via a Paypal account, a Bank Transfer or a monthly Direct Debit.

If you wish to receive our price list, fill out the form below and we will email it back to you.