Virtual Assistant Services vs employing staff

Have you ever considered using a Virtual Assistant in your business when a role becomes available with the relevant skills?

What do you do when a position in your business for a Personal Assistant or Admin Assistant becomes available?  I expect you automatically think you need to recruit and employ someone.  Right?

But you don’t……

Instead, you could consider using the services of a Professional Virtual Assistant. This means, you don’t have to worry about going through the recruitment process, saving you both time and money.  A Virtual Assistant is a business owner themselves.  They therefore fully understand the struggles you face as a fellow business colleague.  They also take the time to get to know your business inside and out.  This enables them to help you with your admin, where ever needed.

This is a presentation I did recently, of which was a huge success.  Please take a look and I hope you can see the advantages, of using a Virtual Assistant in your business.

Our presentation

In this presentation we cover,

  • Why us a Virtual Assistant in your business?
  • Virtual Assistant vs employee costs
  • Unproductive time used by employee’s
  • How Blue Orchid VA Services can help
  • Our contact details

To see how a Virtual Assistant could be useful in your business, book yourself onto our FREE Consultation.  Remember to enter media code: Social01 in the comments box.

During your appointment

Just so that you know what to expect, during your appointment we will call you at the agreed time. We will ask you some questions, to find out more about you and the administrative struggles you are facing in your business, right now.  During this call, we will see whether any of our services are a good fit. If during this call, we find that we could work together, then that is great and we look forward to welcoming you soon, but if not that is absolutely fine too.